Order Vestigia

My crowdfunding campaign to help with pre-orders and printing costs was a big success. Until I set up a purchasing system on this site, you’ll still be able to get the book through that platform. There are some pretty cool extras you can grab too. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did making it!

Vestigia is an 84-page graphic novel that I’ve written and illustrated.

What is Vestigia about?
Vestigia takes place on an Earth-like planet, in a time period much like our own. The story centers around a boy named Wesley. Before the events of the book, Wes experiences a personal tragedy. His best friend, Malcolm, tries to help him through it by joining him on a mission to find a buried treasure box. During their quest, Wes and Mal find themselves trapped in a giant cave. They must go deeper into the darkness in hopes that there’s another way out… and something is lurking in the shadows.

At its core, it’s a spooky adventure story about a boy trying regain his former self. You’ll also find action, mystery, humor, and a few unexpected turns. I would consider it as having a PG rating, for mild fantasy violence.

Where did the concept come from?
Vestigia‘s basic concept is rooted in the imaginary adventures my childhood friends and I used to have in our neighborhood. We would get really creative with settings and goals.

As you may expect, it’s also heavily influenced by many of my interests. Whether it’s music, movies, games, whatever… so many things have contributed to the final product. To name a few: the art of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, Adventure Time, The Goonies, and the video games Limbo, Dark Souls, and even Minecraft. For a little bit more on the cover design and art style of Vestigia, click here.

Upcoming events featuring Vestigia:

Comic Con Revolution 2018 (May 19-20)

Come find my table and say hi! I’m also offering a grayscale version of the book as a convention exclusive. I really loved how it looked in black & white, so I thought I’d share that with you too.