Infidel Defilers - Conan
Infidel Defilers - detail

Infidel Defilers

This was such a cool scene from what is probably my favorite Schwarzenegger movie, Conan the Barbarian. In this scene, Conan, Valeria, and Subotai, cover themselves in a painted-on camouflage before infiltrating Doom’s underground fortress. The entire film had a great atmosphere and feel to it, but this portion really stood out for me.

As I did with the previous Vestigia piece, I’ve experimented with filling in the black areas with sketchy lines, rather than solid blocks of color. I’m still on the fence about using this for the graphic novel trilogy. While I like the look, I can see it really stretching out the length of time each page will take to complete. It’ll totally be fine for use in the Vestigia book though, considering the majority of those panels will have cave interiors as the background. I think I’ll be blocking in the shadows with solids for the trilogy. Anything is possible at this point. The trilogy is still in the concept phase.