My name is Scott and I’m a video game-aholic. I’ve been playing video games since my dad bought me the NES for Chirstmas in 1986. My parents let me stay up all night playing Super Mario Bros., and my thumbnails were a fabulous shade of purple the next day.

My first taste of a role-playing game was probably Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan) on the SNES. That game got me hooked on the genre. I played too many to count, and Chrono Trigger is still on my top-ten-best list of all-time. I actually bought an XBOX 360 just to play Oblivion. The Mass Effect series created an interesting new RPG universe that really got me back into sci-fi. My other favorite (still) is Dark Souls; that game has been out for years, and I’m constantly revisiting it. Nowadays, a lot of games have RPG elements – making it harder than it used to be to classify something… Even first-person shooters, like Destiny are implementing character customization and skill progression.

Why am I mentioning my love for games, you ask? Well, aside from telling myself that playing them is “research for the comic”, the structure of my universe is rooted in RPGs. It’s easy for me to think with RPG specs in mind. On top of that, my ultimate goal is for the Neon Cell series to become a video game.

One of the main aspects of the Neon Cell world that feels RPG-ish to me, is the class/profession system. It helps identify characters by classifying them as mage, barbarian, machinist, etc. There are also multiple races, e.g. elf-like, dwarf-like, human, etc. that have their own race-specific classes. So when combining a certain race with a class or two, it makes character creation a little smoother – due to the fact that each of those things come with its own set of “required” characteristics.