Welcome to Haunted Sketches – the artwork of Scott Johnson

Hello! I’m a graphic artist based in Southern California. Whether I’ve been working on my upcoming graphic novels or just some random art, I’ll be posting all of it here. On my Work and Blog pages, I’ll be documenting the drawing and writing process as I go along. I’ll also be giving design tips and discussing things that inspire me. Music, movies, video games, books, and comics all play a big part in my creative decision making. Everything I do stems from the stuff I like… I’m not trying to appeal to a specific audience; I’m trying to attract others with similar interests. That being the case, you’ll get a good sense of my personality as you follow along. Thanks for checking out my work!




I listen to metal a lot when I’m drawing. I like to put on stuff that relates to the content of what I’m working on…

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A New Hope

I certainly can’t talk about things that have inspired Neon Cell without mentioning Star Wars…

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Dreaming in Digital

My first taste of a role-playing game was probably Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan) on the SNES. That game got me hooked…

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